Green Restaurant Media

Check out this video of  the project- in action!  The Huffington Post writer Jeff Biggers posted the story and video of our collaboration with AIR and the restaurants right before Earth Day! Read it here.

The Green Restaurant Initiative (GRI) has been highlighted at the community level in local newspapers since July when BRSI and AIR found out about receiving the Green Business Fund monies.

Press received:

Published in print and online:

  1. Asheville Citizen-Times, Local Eateries going greener, 7/13/11 (by Jason Standford)
  2. Asheville Citizen-Times, Asheville to be a green dining destination, 9/21/11 (by Dale Neal)
  3. Asheville Citizen-Times, Tupelo Honey gets greener, 10/13/11 (by Carol Motsinger)
  4. Asheville Citizen-Times Editorial, Asheville-area restaurants green up and stand out, 10/20/11 (by Dale Neal)
  5. Asheville Citizen-Times, Asheville restaurants going green in New Year, 12/29/11 (by Dale Neal)
  6. Mountain Xpress, Asheville restaurants go green, 1/18/12 (by Mackensey Lunsford)


Activities were also posted online, circulated on Facebook, the AIR and BRSI websites, and in online newsletters to more than 1,000 BRSI contacts.  Sundance Power Systems (the solar contractor for the project) and AIR posted newsletter and blog articles while individual restaurant owners used Facebook and the local news to publicize their “green debuts.”  These events are listed below.

Online only:

  1. Asheville Independent Restaurants website, Several blog articles, including this one.
  2. Knowledge into Action, BRSI’s Monthly Newsletter, Green Restaurant Initiative Updates, each month from July 2011-February 2012 (expected). Archives found here.
  3. Sundance Power System News, Community Connections: Blue Ridge Sustainability Institute, November 2011.
  4. Mountain Xpress, AIR restaurants pursuing green certifications12/28/11 (by David Forbes)
  5. Huffington Post, Earth Day: Asheville Leads America’s Greenest Dining Destinations, 4/20/12 (by Jeff Biggers) with Green Restaurant Video from Industrious Productions
  6. Asheville Citizen-Times, Composting another step for green restaurants in Asheville, 4/20/12 (by Jason Sandford)
  7. Mountain Xpress, Asheville independent restaurants celebrate Earth Day every day, 4/22/12 (by Mackensey Lunsford)