Featured BRSI Volunteer

BRSI has an amazing collection of talented professionals who contribute their time and resources to the management and development of the organization. We feature these people here.

Meet Michael Whitmire: 
BRSI Projects-Funding Matchmaker

michael-whitmireGrowing up in Upstate South Carolina within view and travel distance of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Michael was drawn home to the forests of Appalachia after a 3-year stint in Seattle that concluded in 2003. He has since received a Master’s Degree in Plant and Environmental Science from Clemson University, a Permaculture Certificate from Gaia University, and completed coursework in a PhD program at Clemson in Planning, Design, and the Built Environment.

Michael has been active in ecological and community issues for many years, including co-coordinating action on a Superfund site at Twelve Mile River in South Carolina, creating a community garden on public park space in Carrboro, NC, assisting in a campaign to save an ecological center in Carrboro, initiating a campus edible landscaping project at Clemson University, and now project-grants match-making at Blue Ridge Sustainability Institute in Asheville.

Michael has worked in various administrative settings over the years as well as in educational roles as youth counselor, residential houseparent, home school teacher, secondary school teacher, and graduate assistant. He is also a permaculture edible landscaping and farmscape designer and installer, and a gardener. He has a deep love of pruning, tending, and caring for plants and the earth.

Truth, clarity, compassion, right livelihood, and right relationships are core personal values for Michael. He imagines himself helping cultivate a flourishing Gaian human culture in which the human species recognizes its vast potential and sacred role as conscious and compassionate caretakers and knowledge-holders for the planet Earth. Personal interests of Michael’s include ecomythology and human life cycle development, song and dance, visual art, inspired conversation, and co-creating sustainable regions and communities.

At BRSI, Michael hopes his work will help projects find the funding and support they need to become a reality. He is currently researching and consolidating funding sources, familiarizing himself with projects and personnel, and processing funding requests.

Thank you Michael for volunteering your time, energy and expertise to BRSI!  We appreciate you!

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